Stoners Day Trip

All the things you love about BudNBreakfast without the overnight stay! Come spend the day with your favorite StoNerd, Cannasseur, Modern Day Hippie! She’s been called the secret love child of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, and now you get to experience the best of both worlds!

Relax by the fireplace, in a hammock, or in a drawn THC-filled Bath! Immerse yourself in a cool mist of essential oils and a relaxing sound bath. You choose a Wake and Bake Brunch or End of Day Dinner Sesh. Take-home relaxation box includes flower, canna-butter, Kush-Sugar, infused Honey, and all of the knowledge that you can soak up in this 4-5 hour experience! Learn how to pick your strain based on Terpenes, how to roll joints/blunts, pack a cone, bowl or bong, dab, and more! Shop Air/Energy Cleansing items and Cannabis accessories in our Wellness Center.

Stonerds Daytrip $320 per couple. (5hours)


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